If you don’t make a little time today for wellness, you’ll be forced to make a lot of time later for illness.

The technology and medical expertise now exists to detect heart disease, cancer, stroke, vascular disease, blood disorders, aneurysms and other problems before they become life-threatening.

POM View preventively screens for the most common, devastating diseases and cancers:

Heart Disease
Cancerous Tumors
Brain Aneurysm
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Pulmonary Disease
Metabolic Diseases
Bone Loss / Osteoporosis
And Thousands Of Other Silent Disorders

A POM View Ultimate screening includes state-of-the-art preventive imaging and a consultation with the doctor to review all of the findings and make recommendations.

Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. Aneurysm. These are the leading causes of death in the United States, and are all-too-often the reasons why even seemingly healthy people don’t reach their life expectancy potential.

But diseases like these don’t suddenly appear overnight. They often grow slowly in the body over time. They do not cause outward symptoms and are typically not discovered during an annual physical, which is why so many do not know their lives are in jeopardy until it’s too late.

But what if you could detect disease at a far earlier stage? If you could, your doctor could manage it, reverse it or even completely cure it… without the risky surgeries and highly toxic treatments required with more advanced-stage diagnoses.

POM stands for “Peace Of Mind.” And we’d like to show you how our unique disease screening services can help you achieve exactly that.

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Dr. Hilario A. Martinez, MD
“A POM View preventive screening gives you unprecedented insight into your health. Some of our patients’ lives have been saved by this technology. Others simply achieve peace of mind. Imagine how good you would feel if I told you that the odds of you having a heart attack in the next few years are virtually non-existent.”
Dr. Martinez
Medical director of POM View and a board-certified interventional, diagnostic and neuroradiologist.