Preventive Screenings & Our Wellness Philosophy

Not all doctors agree on the best ways to prevent disease. But one thing is certain… the way medicine is currently practiced hasn’t done much to stem the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

U.S. medicine focuses primarily on treatment—not prevention. As a result, the innovations for treating disease have become better, and the chances of surviving disease (once it is detected) have improved.

But it shouldn’t have to be this way, especially when the technology to see inside the human body has never been more advanced or more revealing. Heart disease shouldn’t progress to the point where open heart surgery is necessary to save one’s life. Cancer can be detected before it metastasizes to other parts of the body requiring more aggressive and potentially toxic treatments. The risk of stroke can be detected long before an individual is in danger of having one.

Our philosophy at POM View is to provide preventive screenings to find problems at an earlier, more treatable stage. Many doctors agree with us, trusting that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We believe knowledge is power, and when you know where you are at risk, you can take steps to treat, monitor, reverse and even cure disease.

In short, we believe it’s your right to know.

Many lives have been saved with this technology. Others simply achieve peace of mind. But most find a POM View Full Body Screening to be incredibly revealing, helping them to know where they are most at risk and allowing them to confidently take the steps they need for the proactive management of their health.

These services aren’t only for the rich. We offer financing options so that nearly everyone can afford to have a potentially life-saving POM View Full Body Screening. We encourage you to subscribe to our blog where we will share new developments and technologies as they arise, offer special pricing on select screenings and help you learn more about the exciting world of preventive medicine.